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We don't sell on line or by mail order, as we feel it is really important for you to come into our boutique where you can see all the colours and dresses at first hand, try them on and ensure you have that perfect dress and feel wonderful for your Ball, Prom or special event. We work on a non return, no refund policy due to the amount of time we spend with each client, to allow them to make an informed decision. We draw your attention to our Sales Policy below which is displayed within the boutique too.


We work closely with a beautiful range of suppliers such as Dynasty London, Mascara London & Pia Michi London.


The Dress Boutique can help find the dress of your dreams. If we do not have one in stock we can make special order for you to ensure you get the dream dress.


All dresses illustrated are a sample of our stock only. The Dress Boutique cannot guarantee that every item will be available at the time of your visit.  We do not hire any of our garments 

The Dress Boutique Ltd Sale of Goods Act | Sales Policy 

Dress and special occasion purchase can be a busy time, with many clients dashing between shops and comparing dresses with friends. 


When making such an investment, we would draw your attention to the following; 


We are not a High Street chain where customers simply pick clothes off a rail, try them on and then pay at the till; 

We are an independent business and we invest a considerable amount of our time with our clients to help them make an informed purchase decision. 

Once an item is purchased, it is withdrawn from our collection and is therefore not available for purchase by another client and further sales opportunities for The Dress Boutique are lost. 

Therefore, once an item has been purchased, we are unable to exchange it, or give a refund, where the client simply wishes to change their mind afterwards for whatever reason. 


Having established this policy, The Dress Boutique is obligated by Law to apply this Policy. 


We ask our client’s to fully understand this before making a purchase. 


This policy is fully compliant with the Sale of Goods Act and does not affect your statutory rights.


Please be Aware - Counterfeit Dresses on the Internet 


Many dreams have turned into nightmares after people have purchased their perfect designer evening dress or Prom dress at “discount prices” from unauthorised internet sellers. 


Please be aware that purchasing a Prom, Evening, Bridesmaid or Cruise Dress on the Internet through a non-authorised retailer IS NOT recommended. By doing so, you are very likely to receive a counterfeit dress of much lesser quality than expected. When many of these dresses arrive, they can be poorly made, are often damaged, frequently the wrong colour and look nothing like the original sample illustrated. Indeed also lots of dresses do not arrive at all. 


Many unscrupulous sites will in fact use the photographs produced from the original designer and give the false impression you are buying from a UK or US site. You may end up paying a lot of money for very poorly produced goods, in addition to VAT and Import Duty.


If a shop or website is selling what appears to be a well known designer dress at a substantially lower price, please think carefully before buying. 


If you are looking to buy a dress from a specific designer, we strongly recommend that you only visit authorised retailers such as ourselves, in order to ensure that you receive the dress of your dreams, as the original designer intended.


Who we are

We are The Dress Boutique.  Below you will find a summary of the information we collect to carry out our business and provide our services to you.

Our policy in brief

We are committed at all times to protecting your privacy. We hold personal data provided by you to us either in person, by letter, email or occasionally by SMS text. Personal data means any information which can be used to directly or indirectly identify a person or ‘data subject’. We hold paper files to provide a legal record of your purchase history.

Your rights

By giving us your details, you are consenting to the processing of the information in accordance with this privacy policy.

Your personal information is confidential, and we do not pass on your details to other parties. We will only share your personal information with other parties where you give prior permission or where we need to do so to comply with a legal obligation.

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information The Dress Boutique holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. You also have the right to request that your information is deleted. We will aim to respond to you within one month and will not charge a fee for your request (but reserve the right to do so if your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive).

Please address requests to The Dress Boutique as listed in contact details.

Information we collect and what we do with it

  • We may log calls and emails if you contact us. We may ask for your name, telephone number and/or email address to enable appropriate follow up. We will not process this information for any other purpose.

  • We provide leaflets on our services. If you request copies we will only use your name and address / email address for the purpose of sending them to you.

  • We hold financial information in line with statutory requirements.

Contact Details:


Written enquiries may be sent to The Dress Boutique, Unit 2, The Stone Yard, Alton Lane, Four Marks GU34 5AJ or by e-mail to



This policy is reviewed regularly and updated as required. Last update 22.06.2020

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