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1. Pack for a resort escape that matches the weather for the time of year of where you are travelling to. Most cruising out of UK happens during the summer months but if you’re cruising in the winter the ports you are visiting could be cool/cold……..depending on your route and destination of course.

2. Pack a selection of clothes that are dressier than a camping holiday but still comfortable and easy to wear. Cruise or resort wear is typically relaxed in style and structure, but cruising is still on the side of smart casual.

3. Keep in mind you might require some evening pieces for dinners or events. There is a sense of occasion, getting ready for dinner in the dining room or one of the restaurants on a cruise ship. Black tie events require ball gowns and cocktail dresses; both of which are available from The Prom Boutique. It’s not a black tie or formal situation, it’s definitely a case of packing some outfits that you’d feel comfortable wearing to an upmarket restaurant.

4. Some cruises will also have theme nights, so pack to fit in with those themes too. Find out what theme nights are happening on your cruise and source your costume and props before going on the cruise. Once on board, the chances of finding pieces to suit the theme will be slim.

5. Consider what activities you’ll be doing on any onshore visits. Will you be walking or hiking, visiting any churches or sacred monuments? Dressing with respect for the local culture is appropriate. Having clothes and footwear suitable for walking big distances is essential.

6. Comfortable footwear is key. Leave the stilettos at home. A block heel or wedge is fine for any dressed-up dinner situations. By day, pack slides, thongs and flat sandals. There is a lot of walking to be done on board the ship and on potential shore visits. You want shoes that won’t let you down.

7. Do factor in the potential for the wind at sea to make things cooler than you’re used to – even in mid-summer. Lightweight knits and wraps are ideal.

8. If on a summer cruise, pack at least two swimsuits – and a swim/rash vest – it’s a hot sun out there in the middle of the ocean. Take your swimsuit on board with you in your carry on (if having your bags checked in). This means you won’t have to wait for your bags to get to your cabin before you can take a dip and be in the spirit of the cruise from the get-go.

9. Pack a broad brimmed hat – one that fits you well and isn’t prone to flying off your head in a gust of wind.

10. Pack a universal power adaptor to use the power points in your cabin. If you pack a power board like I always do, you only have to have one adaptor. All your devices can be plugged into the board.

11. Do pack your active wear, if only for a walk around the top deck. You might also find the gym or a yoga class calling you.

12. Decide how much laundry you want to do when on your cruising holiday. Most ships offer a laundry service and/or have a self-serve laundromat on board. If it’s a short cruise, then take on board enough clothes so you don’t have to spend time doing the washing.

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