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At The Prom Boutique we are asked this question all the time by people who are unsure of when they should be thinking about buying their all important prom dress. In our experience we find that many girls leave shopping for their dream dress too late and they are then surprised that it is much more difficult to find a dress than they thought it would be.

We recommend shopping for your dress between October and March when stock levels are at their highest. However, there are a few things that you should consider when deciding when to shop:

Dress Exclusivity

At The Prom Boutique, we sell only one of each dress style per school to avoid any dress duplication and the embarrassment that this could cause you if you arrived wearing the same dress as one of your classmates. This means the earlier you shop with us the better choice of styles you will have especially if you have set your heart on a specific style. Nothing is worse for us than having to tell a girl that she can't buy her favourite dress because someone else from school already has it.


Year 11 is a really important and stressful year and it is a good idea to avoid anything that adds to the stress levels. Shopping for your prom dress before your exams begin means that you can concentrate on your revision without worrying that you haven't yet bought your dress.

Booking an Appointment with The Prom Boutique

Our busiest period is Mid January to Mid April. We get extremely busy, especially at the weekends, so please get in touch with us early as possible, to secure an appointment.

Changing Size

Some girls worry that if they choose their prom dress too early in Year 11 that by the time Prom arrives the dress may not fit them anymore due to weight gain or loss. If you are still growing significantly then it may be wise to leave buying your dress until a couple of months before prom.

Please don't be shy and discuss any weight gain/loss worries with us at your appointment; we may be able to recommend styles that can accommodate a little fluctuation in size if necessary. As most dresses will need some form of alteration to fit you perfectly, we have partnered with a local seamstress we can highly recommend.

Some girls worry that if they make a decision about their prom dress too early they may change their mind as prom gets closer. This will only happen if you continue to look at other dresses. Our advice is always to STOP LOOKING as soon as you have made your decision. Focus on your shoes and accessories and planning your hair and make-up rather than worrying that there may be a different dress out there for you.

At The Prom Boutique we provide a friendly personal service and aim to to give you the ultimate experience in 'dream dress' shopping. If you have any questions then please do contact us either by email on or call 01430 563000

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